Take a Video Tour With Heather Langenkamp Through ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Film Locations!

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Written by Patti Pauley

Screw your pass! Thanks to the fine people at JoBlo, we don’t need one to take a guided tour of some of the iconic filming locations for Wes Craven’s masterpiece, A Nightmare on Elm Street. 


Any fan of the franchise with the most minimal of knowledge, is aware of the infamous 1428 Elm Street house where one of horror’s greatest heroines resided. Well, this eleven- minute long video hosted by Freddy’s arch-nemesis Heather Lankenkamp, not only features the legendary dream house, but other vital filming spots principal to the 1984 horror classic. Locations including Tina’s house, Springwood High, the jail, and many more key places in the faux town of Springwood, Ohio.

Speaking of the fictional town in the mid-west, most of A Nightmare on Elm Street was shot in various locations around Southern California; much like Carpenter’s Halloween where the made-up mid-western town of Haddonfield was shot mostly in Pasadena. Personally speaking as a horror film setting enthusiast, I’m 100% envious of the remarkable slasher landmarks of you SoCal folks.

Which brings us to this glorious video for those, like me, who don’t have a treasure trove of horror landmark destinations in driving distance. Directed by Ryan Cultrera for JoBlo’s “Where It Was Made” series, Miss Langenkamp in true documentary fashion gives us the ins and outs of these hot spots from the film, their backstory, and some little trivia that some of you may have not heard from behind the scenes. Such as, Springwood High, which is actually James Marshall High School, was the education home of Leonardo DiCaprio? So yeah, Mega star Leo is tied back to Springwood Slasher High. Pretty cool, eh?


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