Take A Trip To The Underworld With Hellboy in ‘Injustice 2’ New Trailer

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NetherRealm Studios has been killing it with the new lineup of characters available to choose from in Injustice 2. And that certainly hasn’t changed, as the new game-play trailer for none other than everyone’s favorite monster hunter Hellboy has dropped. Be sure to check out the trailer below it’s got plenty of one liners and ass kicking to appease fans of the character.

Hellboy was never a well-known character until the 2004 movie of the same name, when none other than Ron Perlman breathed life into the character. With a mix of interesting and grotesque monster designs as well as enough one liners to appease Bruce Campbell, the film was able to take a lesser known character and steal the hearts of many fans. And the film had plenty of Nazi killing Wolfenstein style and that’s never a bad thing.

One thing can be said about Hellboy without hesitation just from watching the new gameplay trailer, he is an absolute powerhouse of a character and brings the pain and oh so much more. Every punch thrown from his rock-hard fist has weight behind it, and with his trusty revolver by his side, no one is safe no matter what side of the arena you may find yourself pinned down in.

His insane super move can easily be defined in a word, badass. Because nothing quite screams cool like sending your opponent to Hell delivering blow after blow until they finally hit the ground. And to add insult to injury, swinging an absurdly oversized ax because Hellboy isn’t one to disappoint. And from the trailer alone, he certainly has succeeded at making a lasting impression.

Image Credit: NetherRealm Studios, Hellboy

While no exact release date has been given quite yet, the wise cracking monster slayer will be making his debut in November. Prepare yourselves, and load up your six shooters everyone because soon we’ll be visiting Hell. What are your thoughts on the new trailer, who can’t wait to load up Injustice 2 again and start kicking ass as the Prince of Hell?

Drop your thoughts below, and in the meantime, we here at iHorror will keep you updated as to when you can get your hands onto Hellboy yourself.

Feature Image Credit: NetherRealm Studios, Hellboy

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