It’s been some time since we were last able to post news on Fred China’s Documentary for the Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice.

In fact, it was last August when we first posted that the fan made documentary was raising funds via Indiegogo to begin filming. That campaign was a success and they’re currently on Kickstarter raising funds to include even more interviews, and offering some killer perks in the process.

It was 30 years ago that Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice first burst onto the big screen to tell the tale of a newly deceased married couple (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) desperately trying to rid their home of the yuppies who have invaded it. When all else fails, they turn to the titular character for help only to realize too late that he’s more trouble than the living couple had ever been.

The movie was hilariously absurd with stellar special effects that only Burton could make plausible.

The documentary’s official poster by Kyle Lambert!

China has already spoken with actors and actresses from the the film as well as the puppeteers, illustrators, and award-winning creature designers that helped make Beetlejuice the classic it is today.

The director is joined by producers Lee Leshen and Adam Goldberg (The Goldbergs), and Kyle Lambert, who has designed artwork for Stranger Things, designed the project’s posters.

Want a sneak peek at what China has been putting together? Take a look at the trailer below!