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TADFF 2019: Toronto After Dark Announces its Full Film Lineup

by Kelly McNeely
Toronto After Dark

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival (aka TAD) had previously announced the first 10 films of their 2019 lineup. Today they’ve released the full list of films, perfect for genre fans looking for a great night out in October.

This second wave sees a slew of Canadian films, some local to Toronto. It’s great to see a festival embracing home-grown features along with a set of international titles.

Passes are available for purchase now with individual ticket sales coming soon. The fest runs from October 17-25 in Toronto, Ontario.

8 (South Africa)

8 via Toronto After Dark

Written/Directed by Harold Holscher. Starring Inge Beckmann, Garth Bytenbach, Tshamano Sebe, Keita Luna

Bankruptcy forces William Ziel to return to the farm he inherited from his estranged father in an attempt to start a new life with his young, fragmented family. Lazarus, the farm hand who took care of William’s father Frederick in his lonely final hours, reappears soon after William, Sarah and adopted daughter Mary, arrive. A supposed chance meeting between Mary and Lazarus develops into a bond between two kindred spirits. But Lazarus, the old soul who struggles to find peace in this place of sad memories, carries a dark secret that constantly haunts him: the demon child with its insatiable appetite for human souls that weighs so heavily in the sack he carries everywhere he goes.

Contracts (Canada)

Contracts via Toronto After Dark

Written/Directed by Alex Chung. Starring Margaryta Soldatova, Kyle Stewart, Christena Gaunce, Dan Sanderson, Jermaine Carty, Alex Chung

A team of assassins led by an extremist become victims of a superior killer.

Enhanced (Canada – World Premiere)

Enhanced via Toronto After Dark

Directed by James Mark, written by James Mark, Matthew Nayman, Peter Van Horne. Starring George Tchortov, Alanna Bale, Adrian Holmes, Patrick Sabogui, Eric Hicks, Elvis Stojko

A disenfranchised soldier and a super-power fugitive work together to stop a reality bending experiment that can wipe out humanity.

Homewrecker (Canada)

Homewrecker via IMDb

Directed by Zach Gayne, written by Precious Chong, Alex Essoe, Zach Gayne. Starring Precious Chong and Alex Essoe.

Michelle meets Linda at a yoga class. Linda’s wide-eyed enthusiasm is clearly off-putting, but Michelle’s aversion to conflict makes it difficult for her to brush off the increasingly pushy woman. Things escalate once Linda asks Michelle to redecorate her home and refuses to let her leave.

James vs His Future Self (Canada)

James vs His Future Self via Toronto After Dark

Directed by Jeremy Lalonde, written by Jeremy Lalonde, Jonas Chernick. Starring Jonas Chernick, Daniel Stern, Cleopatra Coleman, Frances Conroy

When an uptight time-traveling obsessed young scientist is visited by his nihilistic future self, he’s told that he needs to give up his dream of becoming the world’s first time traveler, or else. But when he won’t go along with the plan, it becomes a wicked battle of man versus himself – literally.

Making Monsters (Canada)

Making Monsters via Toronto After Dark

Directed by Justin Harding, Rob Brunner, written by Justin Harding. Starring Jonathan Craig, Alana Elmer, Tim Loden

When a celebrity couple famed for their YouTube scare-prank channel are invited to a friend’s converted church in the countryside for a weekend getaway, a series of startling events unfold that spiral them into an inexplicable nightmare.

The Mortuary Collection (USA)

The Mortuary Collection via Toronto After Dark

Written/directed by Ryan Spindell. Starring Clancy Brown, Caitlin Custer, Christina Kilmer, Jacob Elordi, Ema Horvath, Jennifer Irwin

When a young girl attends a funeral in an old mortuary, she stumbles upon a secret room full of curiosities where she meets the towering, ominous mortician. The mortician guides the young girl through his collection, sharing four stories of wild, unique, and memorable deaths. Each of the four stories brings us into a fully realized, impeccably designed period piece, moving chronologically from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Werewolf (Poland/Netherlands/Germany)

Werewolf via Lukasz Bak

Written/directed by Adrian Panek. Starring Kamil Polnisiak, Nicolas Przygoda, Sonia Mietielica, Danuta Stenka,

Children liberated from a Nazi concentration camp have to overcome hunger, thirst, and vicious dogs in an abandoned mansion surrounded by forest.


You can check out Toronto After Dark’s announcement (with trailers), which also includes their Shorts After Dark lineup.

Click here to check out our coverage from TAD 2018! And if you can’t make it to Toronto this year, check out the iHorror Film Fest on Oct. 5 at Cuban Club in Ybor City. Get tickets here.

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