Syfy Cancels ‘Channel Zero’ After 4 Seasons

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When Channel Zero premiered in October 2016, I was a bit apprehensive about it. On one hand, I love a good anthology horror show. On the other, Syfy has a spotty at best record when it comes to their original productions.

Thankfully, Channel Zero proved to be arguably the creepiest, most unsettling and unnerving horror show in the history of TV, showcasing some astoundingly ghastly imagery that even left some viewers shaken.

Four creepypasta-based seasons have aired to date, with the final episode airing on Halloween 2018. Sadly, Syfy has now opted to cancel Channel Zero. The bad news was revealed by series creator Nick Antosca via social media.

In Antosca’s Instagram posting – which can be seen directly below this paragraph – he laments the stories Channel Zero didn’t get to tell, but also offers thanks to the cast, crew, and fans that made the show worthwhile.

Antosca also makes mention of the fact that Channel Zero seasons 1-3 (Candle Cove, No-End House, and Butcher’s Block) can currently be streamed on Shudder, with season 4 (The Dream Door) arriving there soon.

One wonders if Shudder might be open to resurrecting Channel Zero at some point down the line, now that they’re actively producing originals. For now though, it looks like fans will have to bid a truly great show adieu.