It’s fair to say that much of humanity takes the Earth and its natural wonders for granted. Yet, it’s the only planet that we have and we really should take care of it, unless of course scientists suddenly somehow figure out how to create colonies on Mars or something.

More than one horror property has looked at what might happen if the Earth started to fight back against humanity’s ongoing abuse and neglect, and Deadline reports that the latest example of that sub-genre will come in the form of a TV series called The Swarm.

Based on the novel of the same name from German author Frank Schätzing, The Swarm sees the world fall into chaos after the ocean itself and all the wildlife residing within it decides it’s done with our crap, and starts actively rebelling against the rule of people.

The Swarm’s TV adaptation comes courtesy of Game of Thrones producer Frank Doelger, and will be a German production. However, the plan is for the series to be filmed in English, and sold to outlets around the world, so a U.S. release seems basically guaranteed.

When it’s inevitably imported stateside, one wonders where The Swarm will end up. It’s being designed as an 8-part event series, and production on the project is expected to begin in 2019. Here’s hoping there’s a megalodon to be found somewhere in this mix.