‘Suspiria’ Remake Shocks Crowd with Teaser Clip

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Bad luck isn’t brought by broken mirrors, but by broken minds. How about the breaking of bones and flesh? Amazon Studios, along with Director Luca Guadagnino and actress Dakota Johnson, showcased a brutal clip from their upcoming remake, Suspiria. Though not much information had been released prior, the teaser seemed to cause quite a frenzy.

Dario Argento’s Suspiria is a classic among die-hard horror fans. From its beautifully crafted scenes to nail-biting suspense, it’s a masterpiece whose shoes are almost impossible to fill. However, some of those worries were shattered once the clip was shown at CinemaCon.

According to Deadline, the footage introduced us to Johnson as the main protagonist, Susie Bannion. She is dancing, instructed by her stern teacher played by Tilda Swinton.

“Every move she makes injures another dancer like a voodoo doll in another time frame, also at the ballet studio. As (Johnson) Susie Bannion twists and turns, she physically kills this other dancer, bone protruding, yellow liquid  from her mouth. Johnson trained as a ballet dancer for four months.”

TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly described the film as “’Black Swan’ meets ‘The Exorcist’ in a 70s Berlin Marc Jacobs ad.”

Others in the audience took to Twitter.

“Ummm I am traumatized after seeing a scene from Suspiria in which Dakota Johnson controls the body of another woman as she dances. The woman’s body literally cracks in half. She is like, torn apart. Spitting, urinating, bleeding. It’s… A lot,” tweeted Amy Kaufman.

Fandango also spoke on the clip.  “Luca Guadagnino presented a scene from his #Suspiria remake; there’s a 70s sepia tone … and seriously some of the most disturbing body horror. They went for it and the #CinemaCon audience is gasping. Just brutal but with a gentle melody. Holy crap… call me by your bent body,” tweeted Fandango.

Amazon Studios head of marketing and distribution, Bob Berney, warned audiences beforehand of the bloody nature.

“Dancing is dangerous,” joked Berney according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Berney also told theater openers prior that this will be Amazon’s most ambitious year according to original film releases. David Kajganich wrote the script with Amazon Studios and K Period Media co-financing the project.

Amazon also released this teaser poster for the movie.

                                           Via Screen Rant

According to Coming Soon, this new take on the film will center around, “Susie Bannion, a young American woman who travels to the Markos Tanz Company in Berlin in 1977. She arrives just as one of the Company’s members, Patricia, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. As Susie makes extraordinary progress under the guidance of Madame Blanc, the Company’s revolutionary artistic director, she befriends another dancer, Sara, who shares her suspicions that the Matrons, and the Company itself, may be harboring a dark and menacing secret.”

Chloe Grace-Moretz, Jessica Harper, Angela Winkler, Sylvie Testud, Malgosia Bela and Lutz Ebersdorf will also be inhabiting the walls of the academy.

Get ready to dance yourself to death this Fall.

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