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Sushi lover infested with worms from head-to-toe

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Remember “Slither” and “Night of the Creeps”? Sure you do. Do you remember what both of them had in common? They were both filled to the brim with space worm/slug creatures that invaded their human host and became real big bastard of problems when they multiplied and caused hell for the people who had run-in’s with them.

The slithering little bastards are no match for real life parasites that invaded one unlucky sushi lovers entire body from head to toe.

When a Chinese man who had a fondness for sashimi went to his doctor with complaints of head aches, stomach pains and itchy skin, his doctor decided to perform scans on his body, which to everyone’s horrific surprise turned out to reveal that he was riddled with veritable plethora of worms.

The horrifying condition is caused from eating sushi in large quantities or eating sushi that wasn’t prepared properly.

Tapeworms can go unnoticed for sometime before you start showing symptoms. All the while they are multiplying and growing in your body.

With horrifying stuff like this happening truth is way scarier than anything horror movies can cook up.

The moral of the story? Beware sushi and that itch that you just felt on your arm could be the movement of a worm just beneath the skin. Happy weekend everyone! I’m off to Benihana!





Wonder if that is how Brenda from “Slither” felt?


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