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Surrealist Procedural Horror Game ‘Grave’ Coming in 2015

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Fear the night, hope for day…

Fans of the survival horror genre have reason to be even more excited for 2015 with the coming of the new surrealist, open-world, procedurally generated game Grave available on PS4, PC/MAC/Linux and XBox One. Set in the first-person, you play within a dynamic alternate reality based upon the early American wild west, through a day-night cycle where you explore during the day, and try your level best to survive the night.

The plot, according to the PlayStation Blog is:

Killed in a home invasion, you are cast into an alternate reality where the world morphs and changes around you. Strange creatures lurk in the night and threaten your safety. The only chance to escape is to pursue your killer — the man who sent you to The Wasteland. Light is the only tool for survival, your only protection from the unknown dangers that await.

Check out the latest trailer here:

[youtube id=”5Vbw9bLRVYs” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

For the record, it seems that if light is the only tool you have for survival, matches may be the worst choice imaginable (which means expect to be stuck with matches a lot).

Grave will strive to fuse together modern psychological horror storytelling, while delivering classic survival horror game play (think Silent Hill).  The idea of a procedurally generated survival horror world where locations fluctuate in and out of existence while you play and nightfall brings out the monsters is exciting, plus the open-world sandbox style will allow you to play how you want: you can play by setting up defensive fortifications to survive the night or arming yourself with offensive weapons to keep the creatures at bay.

With procedurally populated enemies, items and even worlds, Grave weaves an unpredictable tale…


Grave will be the first game developed by independent game studio Broken Window Studios, who began by submitting an early build of the game (then called Stygian Shade) to the Global Game Jam in January of 2013.   Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2014, the studio has been working on expanding and utilizing the Unity 3D engine in order to deliver a ‘Next-Gen’ visual experience.

Horror gamers have been waiting for a true open-world, procedurally generated survival horror game for…well…ever, and hopefully with Grave we will finally have a scary, unpredictable, re-playable and, most importantly, fun game next year.

For more information and other trailers for Grave check out the game’s page here.

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