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Crowley - Supernatural

It’s good to be the King (of Hell). With The CW’s oldest surviving drama, Supernatural, preparing to embark on its tenth season this fall, producers are taking the opportunity to lock-in one of SPN‘s most popular supporting characters into an exclusive deal.

British actor Mark. A. Sheppard originated the role of Crowley back in season five of SPN, beginning as simply a high-ranking demon (the King of the Crossroads), third in command behind first ever demon Lilith and the big guy himself, Lucifer. Never one to enjoy playing second fiddle, Crowley used Sam and Dean Winchester towards his own ends, assisting them in key ways during their ultimately successful attempt to kill Lilith and imprison Lucifer back in his infernal cage.

Following Lucifer’s downfall, Crowley assumed complete control of Hell, taking his place as the new king in season six. He’s reigned from atop that throne since, occasionally forming reluctant pacts with the Winchesters, but always most concerned with whatever will protect his position as Hell’s head honcho. Crowley’s importance to storylines (and thus the number of appearances necessary for Sheppard) have steadily increased with each subsequent season, despite the actor’s contractual status as only a recurring player.

With that in mind, Supernatural‘s producers have finally seen fit to up Sheppard to series regular status, and if you watched Tuesday’s season finale, it’s easy to see why. Spoilers will be avoided here, due to how recently the episode aired, but it’s obvious that the events of “Do You Believe in Miracles?” will likely lead to a closer relationship between Crowley and the Winchesters then ever before.

Also being bumped up to series regular status is Sam and Dean’s angel pal Castiel, played by actor Misha Collins, although that change was first announced earlier this month.

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