Supernatural The Clip Show – Season 8, Episode 22

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By: Bob Jackson – Supernatural Blogger

We start with an idyllic cabin in the woods, a young attractive couple, a flashback and the guy starts bleeding and explodes. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? You can kiss that security deposit goodbye! And now we are back at the bunker with Sam, looking a little green around the gills and Dean still in protective mode when Castiel makes his usual awkward appearance. Cas offers his apology, but Dean indicates he can place his apology in a place the sun does not shine.

The boys find a new type of exorcism on a 1950’s film hidden away along with a secret dungeon (finally they have a dungeon) and hit the road to check it out with the young priest on the film, now old and leery and living in Saint Louis. Looking to make amends while the Winchesters are away, Castiel does some shopping for things to placate Dean, such as beer, beef jerky and the latest copy of Busty Asian Beauties. But Metatron shows up and says “we need to talk.” Those are words that people (mostly men) never want to hear…ever! Metatron (Marv to his earthly cohorts) wants Cas to join him to quell the turmoil in heaven. A sort of archangel version of heroes on white horses or possibly knights in white satin. It sounds a bit…contrived (clichéd, corny??) as a story line actually. Suddenly I hear the theme song to Mighty Mouse in my head…”Here I come to save the daaaay!” (It’s on YouTube) It’s not in the show BTW, just in my head.

Over crepes and questionable table manners, Marv tells Cas he has a set of trials to pull in the reigns of the angels and give them a little alone time to think about what they have done. The first trials would be to cut out the heart of their young waitress, who is a nephilim, an offspring of a forbidden coupling between a human and an angel. So many rules to remember as an angel….don’t kill the humans, don’t forget to wear clothes around the humans, don’t sleep with the humans..etc.

Clip Show

Stitching the demon infested body of Josie Sands back together, our boys plan to attempt to save the demon using the technique found on film and recordings of Father Max Thompson, who conducted the experimental exorcisms before being torn to pieces, which was a hazard of the job. And at a crucial moment during the exposition, Crowley calls! What impeccable timing. He mentions that Tommy Collins was killed, who was our errant camper at the beginning of the show. Sam remembers they saved Tommy from a wendigo “like forever ago.” But while the Winchesters are away the demons will play and… Josie escapes. Following up on a sext message (his words, not mine) from Crowley, they head to Prosperity, Indiana where they broke up a witch’s coven years ago. Discovering the cupcake making Jenny Kline baked in her own oven, Crowley calls again (he must have unlimited minutes on his cell phone) and informs our boys that he will be killing one innocent person every 12 hours until he has the angel tablet.

Clip Show

The hook is that each person he kills will have been someone the boys saved in past adventures. Off to Indianapolis with our boys, The Ivy Motel, Room 116 which was indicated as Crowley’s next killing installment who we discover is a past Sam paramour, the smoking hot Sarah Blake. Stating they will protect her, both Sam and Dean set up shop for a demon invasion, but Sarah is done in by a hex bag hidden in her phone. Damn that AT&T!

While all this is happening, Cas and Marv follow the nephilim who fights back, but ultimately loses to Castiel’s angel blade to the throat. As we leave this episode, Dean vows to fight to the end, while Sam waivers as he fears seeing his past salvations become notches on Crowley’s death and vengeance belt. As we leave this crisis of faith in his abilities, Sam again is the one questioning their motivation. Will Sam get his mojo back? Will Dean continue to brave the threats of Crowley? What has happened to Kevin? How many more guest stars can they bring back for quick deaths? Can Marv and Cas restore heaven back to its former glory? What will Naomi do when she finds out about Marv’s plan? Will Garth ever make a return appearance?

Tune in next week for the thrilling adventures of the Winchester Brothers!!

Now, for my soapbox topic for the week: a friend of mine named Brian, pointed out to me that all the women in the show are awesomely hot. That is patently true. A certain segment of the men are also above average in their attractiveness. Of course, being a demon you can choose the best looking meat suit to inhabit. I know I would. This brings an interesting philosophical point I have always felt was true, evil is attractive. I mean, if it weren’t, would there be so many people drawn to the dark side? On the other hand, the male hunters we have seen, other than our boys, are only so-so in looks. (Sorry Bobby) From this perspective, what statement is being made about the state of evil in the show? The priests and ministers we see on the show certainly don’t look like Cristián de la Fuente’s Father Rodrigo in Vampires: Los Muertos. So how are we to interpret the subliminal messages being delivered to us by this casting of hot evil personages and only tepid good guys? I don’t know. It is certainly a different sociological message from years past where the good guys were all attractive and the bad guys were ugly, often grotesque. I guess we will have to wait see as we move into the next generation. Thoughts?

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