Supernatural Season 8, Episode 21 The Great Escapist

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By: Bob Jackson – Supernatural Blogger

In this episode we move along toward getting the final part of the tablets and closing the Gates of Hell. Of course we cannot do that without spilling some of the blood of Castiel, bodies piling up in Biggerson’s, a Denny’s knock off and Kevin Tran finally growing some huevos. Naomi shows her colors as she eliminates the customers in Biggerson’s where Castiel was hiding out in multiples of this fast food family restaurant because they are all nearly identical. A testament to the mundane sameness we see in our everyday lives, which can be a comfort if you are an angel on the run. Castiel mentions angels were supposed to protect the humans but Naomi reminded him of the death of the firstborn infants in Egypt and how it is not always fluffy pink clouds and harps when it comes to dealing with heavenly beings. Ouch. Naomi can be a cruel celestial mistress as she outlines her plans for Castiel if he does not tell her where the tablet is hidden. His adamant reply was “Bite me.” But Cas was spirited away from Naomi by Crowley as he used his new toy, a gun with bullets made from melted down angel blades. Reaching into Castiel’s gut, Crowley claims his prize, the missing tablet.

Kevin Tran is reaching his breaking point when Sam and Dean arrive to assist and acting a bit “off.” We discover (well we kind of knew already) these are shape shifters portraying the Winchesters trying to trick Kevin into revealing the whereabouts of the other part of the tablet. But they revealed their hand by being “too nice” to be our boys and got caught up in a demon hunter trap. The one question we have about this occurrence that was not explained was how they survived being doused with holy water with no consequences after not giving the secret knock when they arrived. Kevin’s brain had been washed of his memories of Crowley kidnapping him, so we can speculate a switch from holy water to Aquafina, but that is merely a fan trying to fill in a missing gap left by the writers. This doesn’t happen very often in this show which is why it stood out so much. Maybe the person responsible for continuity was out for coffee and this gaff slipped by them.

The Great Escapist Supernatural

Dean continues to try to take care of Sam who is not responding to the resurgence of brotherly affection. Sam insists on going to Route 34 in Colorado seeking a protective angel they call Metatron, based on a symbol he remembered seeing in one of his classes at Stanford. There is a story he relates later reminding Dean about a mule/donkey farting incident in the Grand Canyon when they were kids. That is some memory. Clearly Sam is increasing his mental acuity associated with the two trials he has accomplished so far in the quest. The angel was the protectorate against the white men for the Native Americans (Indians as Dean calls them in his naively politically incorrect way) who only required stories as sacrifices for his services.


Checking into a deserted hotel, they were met by a silent but glaring Native American concierge. Sam gets worse and agrees to rest while Dean wants to seek information from the Two Rivers Travel Museum and Trading Post, the local repository of local Native American lore. Dean calls Sam “little big man”, which is of course a Native American movie reference. Leaving his room, Sam makes his way woozily down the hall, and sees the aforementioned silent hotel employee, who he calls Dr. Scowley Scowl and likens him to a villain from Scooby Doo (loved Shaggy and Scooby), piling books in front of room # 366 near the elevator. There must be a reason for this. He stumbles back to the room and collapses on the floor while dialing his brother. Dean revives him with an ice cube bath and they go to room # 366, finding the door mysteriously open (which is another unanswered question as to why Metatron who had hidden away for hundreds of years leaves a door unlocked and ajar) they go in and meet Booger! (Curtis Armstrong).

I know Armstrong has played hundreds of roles since Revenge of the Nerds, but that character was so iconic in adolescent male-oriented humor that is the first thing many think of when seeing him. At least I do. Shocked that he had not heard of the famous Winchesters, Dean proceeds to lay a heavy guilt trip on Metatron for squirreling himself away while humanity suffers, leading him to save Kevin just as Crowley was choking him to death. Crowley does not like that at all. So we are left with the third tablet and the impending final trial for our Sam Winchester. All the while, Garth remains MIA. If this confuses you, it is because this how the shows are set up from week to week with threads running through the season, meaning if you miss a show, you are lost. Each episode can reasonably stand on their own, but you cannot get the full effect without seeing it from the beginning. Eight years back that is.


As we draw close to the end of the quest, we can only imagine what will be next. We have the trichotomy of supernatural forces over the boys, Naomi and her mob, Castiel and his skewered agenda and Crowley with his erratic and nefarious charm. Deliciously played by Mark Sheppard, Crowley is one of the best demonic villains now on television as he clearly likes being evil for the sake of being evil. His multiple plans, thwarted at every turn, are reminiscent of the misguided Coyote attempting to get the elusive Roadrunner, trying and trying, again and again and failing. But he never gives up. If only the antagonists of other CW shows could capture his smarmy fascination, they would be able to last multiple seasons as has Supernatural. Whether it is the casting, writing, or evocative themes, the show has captured a strong and loyal audience. Now we look forward to seeing how Amanda Tapping’s character of Naomi plays out as her backstory is revealed and why she is the corporate embodiment of evil, which sounds rather redundant. Corporation + Evil = the 1 per cent?? Are you reading this Mitt? It is just me, or did anyone else see Romney’s eyes momentarily turn black during the debates? Hmmmm?

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