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Crowley goes on a date!! I guess he does swing both ways. Of course it is a part of his nefarious plan to kill off those people our boys have saved, so he uses his computer date’s life (the unsuspecting and slightly tipsy Sheriff Jody) to bargain for the demon tablet and having the boys stop the trials to close the Gates of Hell. Dean, no fool he, agrees in exchange for the angel tablet since “no douche bag should have that much power.” He does have a way with words. They meet up with Kevin who gives them the demon tablet. Switch to Castiel and Marv in Houston, Texas as they watch a man, Dwight Charles (remember that name), sweeping the steps as Marv tells Cas that Dwight will fall in love within 24 hours which works perfectly as the next trial is to get Cupid’s bow. But, as Marv assures Cas, there will be no more killing this time. Peering over a battered 1960 Plymouth station wagon fin, our heroes turn into the automobile junk yard where Sam and Dean meet with Crowley for the tablet switch and a little healthy human-to-demon negotiating. Crowley rolls out a contract almost as long as when you buy a house, but with better terms. Cutting to a cold and impersonal office, the angel Nathaniel enters and brings Naomi the news that Cas has been found with Marv, now being called “The Scribe.” Naomi is not happy.

Supernatural:  Sacrifice

Back to our boys as Dean slaps Crowley into the demon handcuffs and then hits him with the news that he will be the third trial of saving a demon and converting the King of Hell will be a nice touch. Cut to Houston just as Naomi snatches Marv while Cas is left holding his angel blade. With Crowley secure on consecrated ground, Sam needs to purify his blood by confession so he can inject Crowley every hour for 8 hours with Winchester blood then ending with a messy knuckle sandwich. This will be a while, so we switch back to Marv, trussed up in Naomi’s office as she stands over him with gleaming stainless steel instruments of forced conversation nearby. As she goes in for the first cut, switch back to Dean as Cas shows up saying he is needed to save Marv and send the angels back to heaven. He has the worst timing of any angel I have ever seen. Relocating in Dwight’s bar waiting for the love connection, Dean is a little taken aback when Cupid, in the form of a delivery persona named Gail, incites a love connection between Dwight and his equally hairy customer Rod. Love knows no boundaries. I just wish I could bottle Dean’s expression!!! Back to Crowley and Sam as the earth shakes and Abaddon arrives none the worse for wear. Thinking he has the upper hand, Crowley begins to gloat a little prematurely (it happens to him from time to time) when Abaddon indicates she has a different outcome from this little scenario. Can you say Queen of Hell?

Supernatural:  Sacrifice

As Cupid exits the bar, Cas and Dean have different approaches in trying to get Cupid’s bow. Dean for once, is the rational one advocating they “talk first, stab later.” Back to Abaddon and Crowley as Sam dispatches her with a little gasoline and matches. Cupid willingly gives up her bow in the hopes that Cas can quell the chaos in heaven. Cut to Marv, bleeding from the left eyeball, indicating Naomi’s underestimation of him. Then to Crowley, beginning to show a little wear, tries to engage Sam in conversation with references to the HBO show Girls, saying just like Hannah, he needs to be loved. Humanness is beginning to creep into Crowley and thus, salvation? And, with Kevin finding nothing about killing a nephilim or getting a cupid’s bow in the tablet, Naomi shows up with the news that Marv is not working to save heaven, but to have all the angels cast from heaven just like Lucifer. Dean goes off to save Sam, Cas arrives in the cold office to find Naomi dead by one of her instruments and Marv, with an angel blade to Cas’ throat, tells him “You should have listened to the bitch.” Uh-oh. And as Dean prevents Sam from completing the third trial and going to a certain death they watch flaming angels begin to fall from heaven to the earth. Just like Naomi predicted. So the season ends with a weakened Sam and Dean viewing the celestial fireworks, Crowley a mere shell of his former evil self, Castiel now on earth and possibly human, Naomi dead, the Gates of Hell remain open and still no Garth. Holy Crap! This last show has set us up for Season 9 with a multitude of various story lines and characters to be introduced or killed off. This is the brilliance of the show, as unlike other lesser written shows who have only one or two cliff hangers, Supernatural has at least eight. So now we will have to be content to speculate and re-watch Season 8 for clues as to what might happen to our intrepid Winchester boys. For me, I think I would like to use this hiatus to re-visit some past shows and characters and talk about the best and worst ones.