‘Supernatural’ Renewed for Season 14

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Most TV shows are lucky to get two seasons, it’s just the nature of the beast. If a TV show doesn’t catch on quickly, more often than not that show is canceled in order to make room for a new show that might perform better with audiences.

Every now and then though, a show lasts longer than anyone would have ever expected. That’s definitely the case for The CW’s Supernatural, a tale of two brothers who travel around hunting monsters, and preventing the latest looming apocalypse.

No disrespect intended to Supernatural, which has cultivated one of the most loyal fanbases in TV history. I just highly doubt that anyone involved with the series would have anticipated it lasting for more than a decade.

Supernatural - Sam, Dean, and Castiel

Soon to finish its 13th season, Supernatural has now been renewed for season 14 by The CW, according to THR. The renewal came as part of a mass pick-up by the network, which saw almost the entire CW line-up get brought back for the 2018-2019 TV season.

The CW’s other horror-related series – iZombie – was one of the few not to be renewed this week. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s canceled though, as The CW is preparing to add original Sunday programming in the fall, and thus can’t afford to cancel much of its line-up.

Supernatural - Lucifer

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