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Now that we are assured of one more season of Supernatural and possibly another, the mind cannot help but wonder how Eric Kripke and his crew will decide to end the series. I am sure there are those that have speculated on what will happen to the Winchester boys and if they will ever find any sort of happiness or if they will go the way of Bobby and find peace by “crossing over.” There have been characters that would be ripe for spin offs should they chose to branch out to other shows in the same vein. “Charlie Bradbury – Demon Killer” or possibly Ghostfacers will have a shot at their own show (my favorite of course) or even Castiel and Crowley will continue their love/hate dance in another series dedicated exclusively to angels and demons. A sort of seraphic “Gossip Girl.” Maybe they could move in together and run a successful boutique in San Francisco by day and skirmish over souls by night.  There are many other possibilities that may occur to have a script, the actors and crew all come together and commit to another show. Of course the same actors would have to return because no one else could play either Cas or Crowely. That being said, choosing a lesser demonic character could have them wearing them another meat suit for the new series.

Last Season Of Supernatural Finale Ending
But what they fortuitously have is the time and ability to wrap up all loose ends and story lines for the fans that have stood by them all these years. Those who have died saving the boys should get some sort of credit a sort of “those we have lost” montage, the ones that betrayed their trust should get their comeuppance and those left behind should have some sort of reward for their part in demon hunting. We could even see what happened to those people who were affected by the Winchesters and what they have been up to since their encounter. Remember the prison guard who asked for their assistance because a ghost was killing inmates? What about those poor guys in the mental institution where Dean uttered his famous line, “Pudding!” while dropping his pajama bottoms? How about the romantic encounters both have faced along the way? What happened to them? There are endless story plots and episodes that could be written to answer these questions. But let’s face it, not all will be happy with what they choose to focus upon in the last season(s). But at least some of our questions will be answered as the show winds down. It is a time where our favorite characters can be brought back for one last bow, even if only in a dream, such as Jo and Ellen, Bobby, Benny or even John and Mary Winchester for one last goodbye.

Last Season Of Supernatural Finale Ending
But hunting is in the Winchester blood, so I see this as a fantasy closing scene. Dean and Sam are relieved of their hunter duties and told to enjoy their lives and settle down. Of course this will mean marriage and kids because they will have to continue the bloodlines. In an amusing twist, Sam could have a son that acts exactly like Dean and Dean could have a son that acts just like Sam. Their wives of course would know of the family business and be okay with it. They might even have done some hunting of their own in past. But imagine them all at a barbeque, laughing, drinking beer and cooking burgers (vegetarian for Sam and the same for Dean’s son) as we see the toddlers playing in the yard just out of sight of the parents. They are acting just like any kids when we hear rustling in the bushes and a familiar demon growl as there is a dark menacing presence creeping up on the cousins, little John and little Bobby Winchester. Then we see a pounce and hear some scuffling, a painful cry and then silence. Hearing the noise Sam, Dean and their wives rush to where the noise came from armed with beer bottles and meat forks as if to do battle. But what they see are the innocent faces of their boys smiling up at them as they sit on a dead demon. And a new generation of hunters is born.