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There are more bits of information about Supernatural that have surfaced as to where the new Season will take our boys and the viewers. First, Gildart Jackson, who has already informed us he will be one of the Men of Letters, has indicated he will make several appearances throughout the Season. Whether or not he will actually have any face time with the Winchesters has yet to be determined or “leaked.” And, there is also talk of a romantic liaison with a human for our errant angel Castiel. Since he has become human himself, the pairing would not be of any unnatural bonding but his lack of social skills would mean it would take a strong and understanding woman (??) to put up with him.


Will Cas finally understand Dean’s favorite “reading” (ahem) material, Busty Asian Beauties??And I am assuming his romance would be of the heterosexual variety. However, a transgender dalliance would make fodder for Dean for several seasons and lead to an interesting story line not to mention social comment. It might be fun to watch Cas try to wrap his head around the whole gender issue. Just a thought. Anyway, what of Metatron? He has cast out all the angels so it will get pretty lonely for him rattling around in Heaven with no one but the Evangelicals to talk to and they can get pretty tedious. Can it be too long before he starts to cast envious eyes toward earth and all the interpersonal relationships it engenders? I am thinking that about mid-Season he makes an appearance.

But what of the fallen angels? Well, supposedly they survive the crash and retain all their angelic powers except without wings, meaning they will lose the power of teleportation. So the smiting, healing and all the other angelic powers will remain intact. The relationships they had in Heaven will also remain so those factions that did not like each other or who were aligned with certain angels will remain, but be transferred to the earthly plain. That means even more story lines about those interpersonal relationships making their way into the Winchesters’ dominion. And, there has been the confirmation that some angels that have been killed off in previous episodes, will be brought back to TV life for the show. I am just hoping it will be some that we actually like, such as fan favorite Gabriel, played gleefully by Richard Speight Jr. or possibly Ash, played by Chad Lindberg, even though he wasn’t technically an angel the erratic genius was last seen in Heaven. Whoever is chosen will make for some interesting TV.

Will these returning and fallen angels be the emotionless and spiteful ones we have seen in past, or will their traumatic experience imbue them with more human qualities? There are about twelve angels to choose from as far as which ones might be given the green light to return. But could we also expect one of the eight demons we have seen in the series return also to balance out the angel quotient? Fingers crossed the Leviathans don’t resurface somewhere. Jensen Ackles will assume the director reigns for at least one episode as he did in Seasons, 6, 7 and 8. The first show of the new Season (as it stands now) is titled “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” referring to the angels adapting to their new habitat. More spoilers to come. For those of you who may have missed it, here is the Comic Con trailer for Season 9. Enjoy and see if you can spot any clues we have discussed!! Crowley’s little fantasy about Sam is eye-opening.