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For those of you who haven’t heard, Bobby Singer will return to the fold in Season 9. As I have mentioned before, no one ever really dies on Supernatural which means any number of past saints and/or demons might be making a final appearance before the show ends. So far, only Jim Beaver has confirmed his reappearance back on the show as the put upon Singer. Since Comic-Con began July 18th, perhaps there will be more news leaking out about what is planned for the new season and who might and who might not return. At this point it is anybody’s guess and every fan has their own past character they would like to see revived. Beaver made a joke on twitter about doing a spin-off involving him and Garth who would never speak a word. It would be interesting to see a show of demons that just do evil and never change but get beaten at every turn. Good always have to triumph over evil. Remember the show The Reaper where the devil always got the best of the good natured hero? It only lasted two seasons.

Now whatever else you might say, there is always the chance the writers and Eric Kripke might get an idea or two from what happens at Comic-Con and from real fan feedback during the long weekend event. So I would recommend to everyone to get your ideas out there, by Twitter, Facebook, or even in person at Comic-Con. Supernatural does take their fans seriously and even though they might not use your ideas, at least you have a better chance of them hearing you over other shows. The only other show that listens to their fans as avidly is Dr. Who. They have taken their fan base into account when planning major events and seasons. I am not saying other shows do not listen to their fans, I am saying that these two shows display more fan supported feedback within their shows.

So as we speculate about what might happen in the last season or two, there may be evidence that Eric Kripke will return to basics of the show, the theme of which has always been family. The definition of family has been expanded somewhat from actual blood relations to those people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for a Winchester kin. This premise made the show successful in the first place and what may be the impetus for the finals season(s). And, since Singer is returning (the character not the show runner) we may have the opportunity to revisit some past fleeting involvements of our boys. I have made my case for GhostFacers, Charlie Bradbury and Bobby Singer and Crowley spin offs. But what may come out of Comic-Con could be the direction the show might take as it winds down a successful run for their fans. I recently watched Gillian Anderson of X-Files tell a rather derogatory story about her one and only visit to Comic-Con and the fan she encountered dressed as a green elf. This played into the other stories comedians and other “news” personages have made about those people who follow the genre and want to dress up or have more than a marginal interest in a favorite show.

Though we may be an object of derision in some circles this has not been the case with Supernatural or the shows’ cast and creators. They do respect the community and may chide them a bit when going overboard as in the Dean/Sam followers, but overall there has never been the attitude of chastisement for being a fan. When at the convention, those lucky enough to see the guys in person will see their humor comes from making fun of themselves and each other and not at the expense of a member of their audience. So that being said, I reiterate to those legions of Supernatural watchers, to make your views and ideas known about what you would like to see next season. And maybe, just maybe, you will get you wish.

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