Super Size This!: Burger King Dresses Up as McDonald’s for Halloween

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Ah, Halloween, no doubt the favorite holiday of any card-carrying horror fan. It’s the one night a year where the free candy can be found everywhere you look, the sinful partying is plentiful, and one can pretend to be whatever awesome thing they wish they were for the other 365 days of the year.

Well, usually. Another popular type of Halloween costume serves as a “take that” at something or someone the wearer doesn’t like or is annoyed by. For example, there are sure to be plenty of insultingly deformed costumes of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump worn this Halloween, considering just how sick to death everyone is of this infernal election.


Surprisingly, one of the best examples of a “take that” costume has already been donned, and not even by an person, but by a fast food restaurant. A Burger King location in Rego Park, NY decided that it would be fun to use Halloween as an opportunity to take a shot at its eternal competitor, that being McDonald’s.

The Rego Park Burger King has been draped in a ghostly white sheet, with a recognizable golden arch painted across the top. To really put a nice middle finger on top, the restaurant marquee reads: “Booooo! Just kidding. We still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween!” Ronald McDonald could not be reached for comment, although rumors say he plans to show the Burger King mascot how well the latter will float down in the sewer.


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