Super Mario Goes To The Hell In This Short Film

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Did you ever wonder what happened to Mario when he plummeted off the edge of his world? Those gaps were a vacuum of nothing. If left to the imagination, someone might start getting existential with the thought. Well, in the Andrew McMurry created short film, ‘Super Mario: Underworld,” we get a look at what happens to our favorite Italian plumber when falls out of his happy world.

The video begins with Mario waking up in a dark world after a bad fall. He looks around to find a bunch mangled Mario’s scattered on the ground. He tries to gain a power-up from a question mark brick but it vomits up a toxic mushroom. It is at that point he realizes, he isn’t alone, there are glowing eyes watching him from the woods. He is approached by a deformed zombie Goomba and decides it is time to run. It isn’t long before he runs into zombie Luigi. It looks like, Luigi had been down here for years and gone cannibal.

These are just a few of the nightmares that our red capped plumber runs into on his journey to the underworld. In true Mario fashion, he does manage to escape this hell-scape ,thanks to a fallen Lakitu’s Cloud.

The McMurry’s have a channel full of videos in the same vein. If you like this one make sure to give the rest of them a look too.

Tell us what you think about Mario’s journey to hell in the comments below.

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