Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse
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If you’re looking for a good time to plan a ritual sacrifice night of star-gazing, pack up your gear and get ready because this weekend it’s going to be bloody beautiful. The weekend of January 20/21st we’ll get to experience a Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse – the last one until 2021.

A Super Blood Wolf Moon is the perfect combination of a few factors; the moon will be unusually close to the Earth during this time, typically referred to as a “Supermoon”, and the total lunar eclipse will give the Moon a red glow, earning its “Blood Moon” moniker.

January’s full moon has been referred to as the “Wolf Moon” for thousands of years, as ancient civilizations used the monthly lunar cycle to track seasonal changes. The “wolf moon” was named after the hungry, howling wolves that were particularly present when food was scarce in the winter months.

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According to National Geographic, “The entire eclipse will last nearly 3.5 hours, starting with the partial eclipse phase, when Earth’s shadow takes its first bite out of the moon, at 10:34 p.m. ET (03:34 UT). The last hint of this shadow will leave the lunar disk at 1:51 ET (06:51 UT). Totality will last a full 63 minutes, with the maximum eclipse—when the moon is at its deepest, most dramatic coloration—occurring at 12:12 p.m. ET (05:12 UT).”

The Super Blood Wolf Moon will be easily visible for anyone living in North America, Central America, and South America. Western Europe and most of Africa will be able to watch during the early morning hours on the 21st. Unfortunately, stargazers in Asia and Australia will be on the wrong side of the planet during the eclipse, so they’ll have to sit this one out.

This will be your last opportunity to see this beautiful phenomenon until May 2021, so pause your horror movies, gather your goodies, and head outside for an all-natural spooky experience!

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