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Study Finds That ‘Sinister’ Is The Scariest Movie Of All Time

by Timothy Rawles
Sinister (2012)

As we enter into list season, here is a topic that should be categorized as the “Most Polarizing Subject Among Horror Fans of 2020.”

I’m talking about the Broadband Choices list of horror movies that they deem the scariest of all time.

The company culled data from 50 participants hooked up to heart rate monitors. They were shown 35 horror movies; 120 hours in total, and their heart rates were used to compile a list of the films that terrified them the most.

At the bottom of the list are The Shining, Audition, and Get Out. But here’s where people might disagree with the findings. The top films that got the viewer’s adrenaline into the danger zone are, at number four: Hereditary; number three: The Conjuring, and number two: Insidious.


What was number one you ask?

Well, that honor goes to the Scott Derrikson haunter Sinister.


Although this experiment is far from scientific in the academic sense; we don’t know the age spread of the volunteers, their environment, their sex, or their health; it does imply that supernatural horror movies are the scariest.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with Sinister, or is your heart racing because you’re a little miffed at the results?

Let us know.

Full list:

Science of scare infographic

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