Student Photographs World War 1 Ghost in French Cemetery

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Do you believe in the paranormal, or do you feel that things like ghosts and spirits are merely the work of fiction? It’s a question we’ve likely all been asked at one point throughout the course of our lives, and one that all of us have spent some measure of time pondering. There are few things in this world more fascinating than ghosts, whether you believe in them or not, and many photographs taken by many people seem to indicate that we’re not alone, any time we think we are.

The latest compelling piece of paranormal evidence has just come our way courtesy of the website A Plus, which shared a fascinating photograph taken by a 14-year-old French student. Story goes that Mitch Glover was recently on a school field trip to France’s Neuville-St Vaast German war cemetery when he snapped a picture of a row of headstones, revealing something that was not visible to the naked eye.

That’s the photograph above and you’ll find a close-up shot of the apparent spirit below, which certainly appears to depict a very human figure, wearing a kilt…


Neuville-St Vaast is the largest cemetery in France, with nearly 50,000 people buried on the grounds. Many lost their lives at the location during World War 1, and the young student believes that his photograph has captured one of the soldiers who perished during the battle. The kilt and uniform the figure appears to be wearing is very similar to that of the Seaforth Highlander regiment, a dozen members of which are buried in the cemetery.

A Plus says the photo has been analyzed by experts, who have determined that it’s not a clever Photoshop manipulation.

Chilling proof of the paranormal, or something much less compelling? We’ll let you decide!

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