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‘Stranger Things’ Tentatively Sets Date to Resume Season Four Production

by Waylon Jordan
Stranger Things

Deadline is reporting that Netflix is moving toward resumed production on season four of Stranger Things. The show began production earlier this year, but was forced to shut down due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The cast and crew could be in production in as little as a week eyeing a September 28, 2020 return date.

Showrunners and writers The Duffer Brothers and Netflix had already released an early teaser for the fourth season which showed series favorite Hopper (David Harbour) in some sort of Soviet work camp. The fate of the character had been uncertain at the end of season three after an explosion at a Russian lab that was trying, yet again, to open the door to the Upside Down.

As with every production at the moment, this return date could change, but they are in a very good place to begin filming should they decide to move ahead. According to the same article from Deadline, the Duffer Brothers used their time in hiatus to complete and finesse the scripts for the fourth season with their writing team. They even went so far as to tease that this would be the scariest season of the series to date.

Stranger Things has been a Netflix cornerstone since its first season, drawing in crowds with its mixture of horror, comedy, and good old fashioned 80s nostalgia to build a series that we simply can’t stop watching!

iHorror will keep you posted on all the new developments with the series as they become available.

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