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When season 1 of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix back in summer 2016, it’s unlikely anyone involved predicted just how huge a phenomenon it would become. Netflix had produced hits before – such as House of Cards and Daredevil – but this was a new level.

While some thought last fall’s season 2 was a step down in quality from its predecessor, there were also many fans that enjoyed it just as much as the original. Overall, Stranger Things’ season 3 premiere is one of the most widely anticipated in recent memory.

Unfortunately, it would appear that said premiere won’t be coming anytime soon. It had been widely speculated online that season 3 wouldn’t arrive until 2019, and now, EW reports that Netflix has confirmed that fact. Additionally, the premiere won’t happen until the summer.

Talk about a flashback! The Emmy nominated, Stranger Things, just released a 90-second clip introducing fans to the hip new place in Hawkins, Indiana. Starcourt Mall is an 80’s treasure trove of goodies. Referencing nostalgic moments like big hair, Walkman’s, Waldenbooks and The Gap, Starcourt Mall will no doubt be the talk of the supernatural town. The clever promo pays homage to advertisement styles of 1980s America, complete with synthesizer beats and great fashion. As the animated narrator takes us through a tour of the state-of-the-art mall, a familiar face pops up behind the register of Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor. “Ahoy!,” says Steve Harrington, Joe Keery, as he looks on with confused embarrassment at his co-worker Robin, Maya Hawke. This will be Hawkes first appearance on the series. The closing line, “Starcourt Mall is one of the finest shopping facilities in America -- and beyond,” might hint to more than just shopping going on. CNet theorized a possible reference to the Upside Down, which would make for an epic stage. Imagine a Demigorgon strolling through the aisles of Claire’s! Not much information has been released about the upcoming season of Stranger Things. However, Netflix did create and pass along a mock press release for the building project to Bustle. “The Office of Mayor Kline (Hawkins' fictional mayor) confirmed that construction on the shopping center was indeed underway. ‘The grand opening is scheduled for next summer, with construction of the mall continuing at a consistent pace,’” said the press release. With the town recovering from the mayhem that ensued in season 2, will our beloved gang have a new foe in town? “The reference to mall developer Starcourt Industries suggests a new corporate menace could be coming to the town that has already been rocked by the activity at the mysterious Hawkins National Laboratory,” wrote Variety. “The video also promises the mall is ‘coming next summer,’ which may be a hint to the launch date of Season 3. If that is true, next summer cannot come soon enough. We wonder if there will be any references to season 3 in the Stranger Things maze at Halloween Horror Nights? What did you think of the new promo for season 3 of Stranger Things? Will you be checking out the Starcourt Mall for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

If you think that seems like a long time, you aren’t wrong. While there was already a longer than average 15-month gap between seasons 1 and 2 of Stranger Things, depending on when during the summer season 3 arrives, it could be almost two years between seasons.

While that sucks, one assumes the delay is intended to give creators The Duffer Brothers the time they need to pen a season 3 worthy of the now established Stranger Things brand. Between this and Godzilla 2, Millie Bobby Brown will have a very busy summer in 2019.