‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Is Its Most-Viewed Yet

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Netflix offers a lot of great original movies and TV shows, but there’s no doubt that the most popular one currently is Stranger Things, which has occupied that slot since its debut season became a surprise pop culture phenomenon back in the summer of 2016.

Netflix subscribers and the world at large has fallen in love with the small but dangerous town of Hawkins, Indiana and its many quirky residents, both kids and adults. Arguably the most popular character is the scrappy but practical Chief Hopper (David Harbour).

Of course, those who watched Stranger Things season 3 will know that Hopper’s fate was left a bit unclear. Thankfully, Netflix has already renewed the series for season 4. Now, the streaming giant has revealed that season 3 was the most-viewed to date.

Stranger Things

Some 64 million households watched season 3 since its July premiere, according to Netflix. Granted, Netflix doesn’t release exact viewing stats for its shows, but there’s no reason to doubt the accuracy of their claim, as Stranger Things is undeniably a huge hit.

It’s not at all clear when Stranger Things season 4 will premiere, but logic would suggest that it’ll draw even bigger numbers than season 3. Hopefully Netflix and the Duffers won’t make us wait quite as agonizingly long as they did between seasons 2 and 3.