Last summer, the world at large fell in love with Netflix’s charming little 80’s homage Stranger Things, a blend of the sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and even action genres that was all filtered through the lens of that decade’s output by icons like Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.

Consisting of only 8-episodes, Stranger Things season 1 almost played like one long movie, full of twists, turns, and scares.

The series also served to make instant stars of its young cast, especially Millie Bobby Brown. Hollywood veteran Winona Ryder also saw her career get reignited, as did tenured character actor David Harbour.

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The big monstrous threat at the center of Stranger Things season 1 was of course the Demogorgon, so named by Mike and friends because it reminded them of a Dungeons and Dragons creature by that name. Well, the Demogorgon was the biggest non-human monster, as Dr. Brenner was pretty monstrous himself.

Headed into Stranger Things’ 9-episode season 2, fans are expecting what the best horror sequels usually provide: more of what they all loved before, but on a bigger and more dangerous scale.

The teaser trailer for season 2 already featured what looked to be a giant  Lovecraftian beast standing in the clouds, so those expectations look likely to be met.

Stranger Things season 2
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Based on what Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy said during a recent appearance on Youtube’s Gold Derby though, even fans’ high expectations may not be enough to prepare them for the horrors to come.

Will Byers is very much at the center of several intersecting challenges, threats in season two and I think overall the forces of evil that are inherent in season two make that Demogorgon look quaint in retrospect.

Stranger Things
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Well, that’s certainly a bold statement. The Demogorgon could be described using many words, but quaint is never likely to be one of them. I mean, look at what the bastard did to poor Barb.

Sadly, fans still have about a five-month wait until they get to find out just what terrifying creations The Duffer Brothers and the rest of the Stranger Things creative team have in store for viewers. On the plus side, it’ll be a great Halloween treat.

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