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‘Stranger Things’ Characters Join ‘Dead By Daylight’ in Trailer

by Trey Hilburn III

We might still be slowly dying while we wait for the arrival of Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix. But, it appears that in the meantime Netflix’s Stranger Things is adding more content to the world of the wildly popular game, Dead by Daylight.

The latest trailer from Dead by Daylight titled “Moment of Truth Collection” features a couple of characters from Stranger Things crossing over into the world of Dead by Daylight and it looks pretty cool so far. Stranger Things joins other past horror crossovers such as Scream, Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Dead by Daylight DLC always introduces a new hunter with new qualities and perks that they use to hunt their new prey.

Previous and initial Stranger Things DLC featured Steve Harrington and Nancy as well as the demogorgon. This will strangely change Harrington’s character to Jonathan Byers.

The synopsis for the breakdown of the new Stranger Things X Dead By Daylight content goes like this:

The new content includes the first Legendary Set available for a Stranger Things character by transforming Steve Harrington (in appearance only) into one of the series’ main protagonists in Jonathan Byers. The other content is the Moment of Truth Collection, a Very Rare mix-and-match outfit for Nancy Wheeler called the Impulsive Activist Outfit.

Nancy’s Impulsive Activist Outfit is available now for 1,080 Auric Cells in the in-game store, while the Jonathan Byers Legendary Set for Steve Harrington can be purchased for 1,485 Auric Cells. Obviously, you’ll need to have the Stranger Things DLC to use these in the game.

The trailer reveals both Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler as well as outfits for Nancy.

I really enjoy all these crossovers. I think that one of their best ones is the Halloween crossover. That one came complete with Michael Myers stalker, Laurie Strode, a Haddonefield backdrop level and some really cool perks for the stalker.

This is an interesting crossover and even more interesting that this transformation from Steve Harrington to Byers is still listed as Harrington when it clearly shows Byers.

What do you guys think about the Stranger Things and Dead by Daylight crossover? Do you still play Dead by Dayllight? Let us know in the comments section.

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