Stranger Things Action Figures Coming This Summer

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The new(ish) craze of Funko Pops has just about taken over the planet. You can find Pops of almost anything at this point. Still, not everyone is a fan of the unique brand of vinyl toys produced by the company. Yet, everyone seems to be a fan of Stranger Things. What’s a toy company gotta do to please those people, then?

Easy – just make Stranger Things action figures!

Coming in August, you can get your hands on two different sets of Stranger Things action figures. Each contains three toys. One even contains the Demogorgon! Eleven comes with an Eggo as well. Too cool.


I had absolutely no idea that the toy company made action figures – until I did a little browsing on their site and realized that they are responsible for those awesome ReAction figures. Duh! I guess Funko really does have all bases of the toy market covered.

From Funko’s official website:

From Netflix’s Original Series Stranger Things,
some of your favorite characters from Hawkins, Indiana
are joining the Funko Action Figure line!

Action Figures are arriving as 3-packs.
Each figure stands 3 ¾ tall and are fully articulated.

Pack 1 includes Lucas, Mike,
and Eleven – with her signature Eggo.

In addition, pack 2 features Will,
Dustin, and Demogorgon.

Add both 3-packs to your collection this Summer!

View the toys in the two images provided by Funko below. In the meantime, you can peruse their website and shop online at the following link. And if someone wants to buy and ship me some of those Universal Monsters ReAction figures, I promise I will not be mad. No; I promise I won’t even be annoyed at all. You can go ahead and do just that.

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