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With one foot firmly planted in the horror community and the other long taking up roots in the fetish community, Dee Snider’s Strangeland has always been a favorite film of mine.  In the 1998 classic Snider masterfully wove the dark and taboo world of adult pleasures with the morbid and grotesque mind of a sexual sadist and fetish aficionado who took his love of the lifestyle a bit too far.   It was graphic, it was disturbing, it was beautiful!  So when the man himself took to his FaceBook account this past weekend to announce he has been working on the long awaited sequel to the cult classic, I was elated to say the least.

Strangeland 2 is the sequel many of us have been waiting nearly twenty years for, and it has had many, many, false starts.  At one time it felt like every few months we would hear something hopeful about the new script or a working title, only to have it yanked away weeks later.  Fans would flood his weekly radio show and horror convention panels with questions about the progress of our favorite misguided fetishist.  Would Carlton Hendricks, aka Captain Howdy, be making a return?  For many of us Strangeland 2 has been the proverbial carrot on a stick that has dangled just out of grasp for many painful years.

Strangeland by Artisan Entertainment

In the wake of the retirement of his heavy metal band, Twisted Sister, Dee has been a very busy boy!  Among the long awaited announcement of Strangeland 2 he also announced his other projects, including; a new book, a new movie, another musical, and his new solo album ‘We Are the Ones.’  He will also be visiting some upcoming horror conventions in celebration of the two decade mark Strangeland!  Clearly this man does not know the meaning of the word “vacation” as we see the beautiful Caribbean ocean reflecting in his sunglasses, but the gears turning in his brain as he ticks off project after project on his list.

While Snider seems hopeful in the resurgence of the sequel, he also reminds us that he has said very similar words before.  The writer, director, and star of the original is very careful not to give us false hope in the new project, but there seems to be a new life to his words.  Or maybe that’s just a fangirl’s dream…  Either way, he told us from the beach “Feeling like this is gonna happen this time around…” he then quickly follows it up with “…I’ve also said that before, so don’t hold me to this.”

Strangeland from Artisan Entertainment


Will this announcement be followed up with a Captain Howdy progress report?  We can only hope!  Either way Dee Snider fans are a very dedicated bunch, and we will always be waiting for that carrot to lower just enough for us to grab it!


To see where Dee Snider will be attending horror conventions visit his website calendar here.

Here is the sequel synopsis from 2010:

One year after Carleton Hendricks, aka Captain Howdy’s (Dee Snider), sadistic rampage, much more than the physical scars the schizophrenic, sexual sadist gave his victims are left behind. Their lives destroyed by emotional torment and the media frenzy surrounding the crimes, Detective Mike Gage; his daughter, Genevieve; and vigilante Jackson Roth (Robert Englund) each have their crosses to bear. But when the badly burned and mentally broken Carlton Hendricks is taken from a state-run mental hospital and off his medication by billionaire media mogul Morgan LaForce, leader of the body modification/fetish haven called “The Torture Garden,” the door swings wide open for each of Captain Howdy’s victims to find closure… and retribution.