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Strange Public Flyer Asks You To “Bathe in My Milk”: Men Only

by Timothy Rawles

You may have seen these postings on a telephone pole or around social media: A woman standing near various naked men in a bathtub filled with a white liquid, ropes twisted on the floor near a dirty toilet.

Meanwhile the female resembling the great Betty Buckley stands close by in a filthy nightgown with a down turned smile on her face. She asks that you “Bathe in My Milk.”

It can be a bit jarring on first inspection.

The text and photos have been creeping people out myself included especially when the details include “Use my sponge,” and “I will watch you.”

But never fear it’s just an ad campaign created by the twisted mind of 26-year-old Alan Wagner for the pasteurized beverage.

The company asked that he create something intriguing that would go viral.

He attempted to pitch them this idea, but they passed. He then decided it was too good not to share.

“I really like the image I came up with,” Wagner told the New York Post. This old woman bathing men, and it’s ambiguous what anyone is getting out of it. Nobody seems to be enjoying it, [and] yet they are partaking in it.”

Overall the prank has worked, Wagner has been getting a flood of messages about the creepy personal. He says the whole thing set him back about $300.

Wagner hopes to make a living off his twisted mind in the future.

“My wild ideas get shot down, so I work on my own content every night. I hope it will be my full-time job one day.”

If you follow Wagner’s Facebook page like we do, you’ll see other disturbing lost-cat-type flyers such as “Belly button constantly bleeding” and the very disturbing “Horse Fire,” in which someone is quoted as saying, “The stench is remarkable.”

But the milk bath idea seems to be his strangest and most successful, so good in fact, it has put me off cereal for a while.

Images courtesy Alan Wagner

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