TGIF, everybody! And what better way to celebrate the end of the workweek than seeing the new trailer drop online for director Joe Lynch’s (Everly, Wrong Turn 2) office based mad brawler, MAYHEM! As we’ve covered before, the story follows Steven Yeun (THE WALKING DEAD) as attorney Derek Saunders at a law office who’s unjustly fired. While on his way out with his belongings and stewing anger, the entire building is put on quarantine due to the release of a bioweapon virus that causes the infected to be completely uninhibited. Afflicted as well, he teams up with an angry client of the firm, Melanie Cross, played by Samara Weaving (ASH VS EVIL DEAD) to survive. But, uninhibited and with more than survival on their minds, they decide to scale the warzone office in order to get their revenge on the big bosses at the top suite.


The trailer gives a taste of the white collar office turned deep red mayhem that follows. With beatings, tazers, nail guns, fists, teeth, blades, and more put into play as Yeun’s Derek and Weaving’s Melanie do their damndest to fight their way to the top of Towers And Smythe Consulting and the sinister shadowy board of directors. And it also looks like the action will be as memorable as the gore, with almost entirely practical FX used.

Catch MAYHEM on November 10th through VOD and Shudder November 10th, 2017!

Images via Youtube