Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’ Canceled by CBS

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Despite reports last month that Under the Dome was a virtual lock for a fourth season renewal, CBS has officially dropped the axe on the embattled summer drama.

Debuting to monster ratings and mostly positive critical reception, Under the Dome was a huge hit for CBS back in the summer of 2013, earning an easy second season pick-up. Unfortunately, the numbers began to taper off in season two, as did the amount of viewer love for the creative directions Under the Dome was going in.

Under the Dome - Big Jim

Under the Dome’s currently airing third season has been easily the most divisive to date among fans, and has been outright reviled by critics. Introducing sometimes needlessly complex, and often convoluted alternate dimension storylines to a show about people trapped in a town will do that. So will shifting the show’s focus to new characters – Christine Price anyone? – before the audience has had a chance to get to know them.

Thankfully for those still invested in the tale of Chester’s Mill, CBS claims that the upcoming season finale wraps up the story of the dome, and will function as a logical series end point. That’s good at least, as fans of genre TV are often left puzzling over cliffhanger endings that will never be resolved.

Under the Dome’s series finale, The Enemy Within, airs Thursday, September 10th at 10pm on CBS.

Under the Dome - Tunnels