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Stephen King’s ‘The Tommyknockers’ Snagged by Universal

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Stephen King fans can rejoice once more, as The Tommyknockers adaptation has officially found its home at Universal. Deadline reports Universal beat out Netflix and Sony in a bidding war for film rights. James Wan will be producing through his company Atomic Monster, and is said to be circling the director’s chair as well. Roy Lee and Larry Sanitsky will be joining Wan as producers. Sanitsky was also executive producer for The Tommyknockers ABC mini-series back in 1993.

The Tommyknockers is about a town in Maine that falls into chaos after an alien ship found in the nearby woods releases a gas that infects the population. Those exposed gain abilities, but also turn psychotic.

James Wan has recently branched out from the horror genre with directing films like Furious 7 and Aquaman. However, he has kept one foot in horror by acting as producer for films like The Nun, Annabelle: Creation, and Lights Out. It was announced last year Wan would also be producing the first film for the Resident Evil reboot. Despite Hollywood having no shortage of reboots, many fans would agree Resident Evil was film franchise in desperate need of a fresh start.

Universal’s The Tommyknockers will join a long list of upcoming projects based on the acclaimed novelist’s work. IT: Chapter Two and Pet Sematary are among those currently in development for the big screen. Castle Rock, The Dark Tower, and The Stand will are slated as future TV series adaptations as well.

And the King craze may not be slowing down anytime soon with more potential projects on the horizon. Mike Flanagan has already expressed interest in Doctor Sleep being his second King adaptation, following last year’s Netflix hit Gerald’s Game. Doctor Sleep is King’s sequel to his terrifying classic The Shining. Steven Spielberg also said in a recent EW article that he would be interested in possibly adapting King’s The Talisman in the future.

The remarkable part about all of these recent Stephen King adaptations is how each director has been able to make them their own. King’s work has proven to be extremely versatile over the years for directors to shape and mold, and Wan’s gift for suspense and scares would be a great asset.

I don’t know about you, but I hope James Wan officially claims the director’s chair for The Tommyknockers. James Wan and Stephen King, horror masters of the screen and page, would be a killer combination.

Are you excited for The Tommyknockers? What Stephen King adaptation are you most looking forward to? Be sure to check back for more updates on this project!

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