A couple years back, it looked like Stephen King’s mammoth book series The Dark Tower would finally be adapted. Ron Howard was reportedly on-board to produce what would be a planned series of films with Warner Bros., as well as a companion TV series on Warner-owned HBO. Unfortunately, those plans fell through, marking at least the third failed attempt to adapt what many consider King’s magnum opus from page to screen.

Well, as of this weekend, plans to bring The Dark Tower to both movie theaters and HDTVs across the nation appear to be back on, this time under the auspices of Sony Pictures. According to Deadline, Sony has teamed up with Media Rights Capital (MRC) to co-bankroll the massive project, with Sony set to distribute at least the first film and MRC developing the companion small-screen series.


The current Dark Tower script is not at all the same one WB came close to making, this draft having been rewritten from the ground-up by scribes Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner. Primarily based on The Gunslinger – the first book in King’s saga – the story of the first Dark Tower film focuses on the relationship between titular gunslinger Roland Deschain and his young protege Jake Chambers.

While actors like Javier Bardem and Russell Crowe have previously circled the Roland part, it is said to be fully back up for grabs. The plan is to seek out and hire a director for the project first, then worry about casting the lead role.

It’s understandable if King fans find themselves possessing a cynical “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude about this latest Dark Tower adaptation, having been burned so many times in the past. Here’s hoping Sony and MRC can finally make Roland’s darkly fantastical world a reality.