Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Half’ Film Adaptation Finds ‘Her Smell’ Writer/Director

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Writer and Director, Alex Ross Perry is no stranger to the dark halves of artists. In his film Listen Up Phillip, a self-centered author destroys people around him simply through his weighty narcissism. In his latest film Her Smell the front woman for a punk band destroys her friend’s, bandmate’s, and lover’s lives through her almost sociopathic and toxic engagement with them. The characters in Stephen King’s The Dark Half fits in well with Perry’s character roster.

MGM has chosen Perry to adapt and direct the film for their studio. Perry intends to completely reinvent what was done with the 89′ film adaptation that saw Timothy Hutton’s character Thad Beaumont go head to head with George Stark, his alter ego and twin.

Stephen King’s inspiration behind The Dark Half was born from him having to adopt the pseudonym of Richard Bachman early in his career. The name was born out of King’s necessity to write more books than his publisher was allowing him under his own name.

Long story short, it lead to the creation of Thad Beaumont and his twin George Stark in The Dark Half.

Her Smell tends to feel like a horror movie at times. Elisabeth Moss’ work on screen is anxiety inducing stuff. I could easily see how that same energy could make Perry’s The Dark Half adaptation very scary indeed.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Perry’s work? If so, let us know what you think about him adapting a King story in the comments section.

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