Stephen King’s IT Reveals Planned Sequences for Second Film, Including the Black Spot!

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Written by Patti Pauley

I think it’s more than fair to say the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s IT to be released this September 8th, is the talk of not only Tinsel Town, but just about everyone on the interwebs these days; including us here at iHorror. King’s literary masterpiece of sheer horror is finally getting the theatrical treatment it deserves and upon early screenings with notable figures such as King’s own son author Joe Hill, IT has already etched a place in horror movie legacy as one of the top five scariest movies ever right alongside such classics as The Exorcist and Jaws.

That’s one hell of an endorsement guys.


In anticipation of IT‘s highly exciting national debut in just over a month, IT director Andres Muschietti recently sat down with Collider and revealed to the website a few scenes that were initially planned for the first film in the Pennywise saga, however, due to the movie’s budget had to be cut but fortunately enough for us should be making an appearance in the second film.

One of the scenes Muschietti speaks about pertains to IT’s first contact with the human race. If you’re familiar with IT’s backstory, the “eater of worlds” has been around since the beginning of time, awaiting the appearance of man like a silent predator underneath the grounds of Derry, Maine.

AM to Collider- “There are two sequences that I thought of that I had to postpone until more money comes. One is a flashback, that sort of portrays the first encounter of It and humans, which is an amazing scene. 


Another terrifying sounding scene cut from the first film that is looking to make its way into the second IT installment involves Bill and a whole lotta’ dead children body parts.

AM to Collider- “The other is a dream, where Bill sees— he’s leaning on a bridge, in Derry, and he’s spitting on the Kenduskeag Stream, and suddenly he sees the reflection of a balloon. And he looks up and it’s not one balloon, but a bunch of balloons, and then he starts to see body parts, and the shot goes wider and it’s a multitude of dead kids floating. I couldn’t afford it.”


Perhaps the most fascinating bit of information coming out of this interview is the talk of the Black Spot massacre scene that depicts Derry’s unsavory past. For those unfamiliar with the novel, the Black Spot was a nightclub whose customer base was mostly black soldiers from the nearby Army base. It was burned down by the Maine Legion of White Decency. King, who is known to intertwine his characters from books into others, just look at The Dark Tower and Castle Rock, the story of The Black Spot in KIng’s novel has a survivor who barely escapes the wrath of the fire. That fellow my friends was none other than The Shining‘s Dick Hollorann. Andres’ sister Barbara Muschietti who serves as a producer on IT, explained this sequence, in particular, would be an amazing stepping off point for the second film. Which pretty much follows the book here as the scene itself depicted in the novel comes from The Second Interlude, right before we jump into the adulthood of the Loser’s Club.

BM to Collider-  “They were able to [incorporate it into the script], but they were not able to incorporate it into the budget. Just like we weren’t able to, but it’s going on the second…that sequence with the Black Spot, we think it’s gonna be a great opening for the next film.”


If in fact, they do open IT part 2 with the Black Spot flashback, chances are we may just see a cameo from one of the coolest characters in the Stephen King multiverse. All I know is, I for sure would love to see both that and IT’s first contact with humans. So yes, please. Let’s make this happen!