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Stephen King’s IT Miniseries Recut as a Family Film Will Make You Float With Happiness

by admin

Written by Patti Pauley

Stephen King’s IT has been the hot topic for not just horror websites, but news outlets in general ever since the announcement last year that we would be getting a theatrical spin on one of the horror author’s greatest works of fictional fright.  From the highly anticipated trailer that debuted to the to the masses late March, to the announcement of the miniseries doc, and even a professional clown protest against the upcoming film, for fear that the image of this R-rated Pennywise will hurt their entertainment party business. I’d like to say that last one is some genius marketing strategies, but it’s 100% true.

While today, nothing new on the film that is set to release September 8th this year, but rather something fun- and kind of endearing if I’m being completely honest, that focuses on the 1990 miniseries. Someone spliced scenes from the movie that had the legendary Tim Curry invoke coulrophobia into millions of people, and recut it into an almost three-minute family friendly film trailer. And although this trailer has been on the interwebs for several years, I’m unearthing it today to those who may have never caught this little Youtube sensation and simply because it’s just too good not to share once every 27 years.

Set to the soundtrack from Lady in the Water and Dragon Heart, YouTube uploader 1peradventure instills a heartwarming story about the troubles of being an adolescent, the fear of growing old, and where in the shadows of gloom, a hero will rise and bring happiness to a little town called Derry this holiday season. Seeing is believing. Believe in the magic of Pennywise. He will make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine! OK, that was a little creepy still. Anyway, it’s pretty damn uplifting and done brilliantly. Check it out below!




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