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Stephen King’s “IT” Denies Any Involvement In Recent Creepy Clown Sightings

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Written by Patti Pauley

Personally, and I think a lot of you will agree, that this whole clown debacle is certainly out of hand as new reports of clown sightings seem to be an everyday ordeal on social media as well as our local news stations. While yes, some of these “threats” are obnoxious hoaxes aimed to simply put citizens on edge by punks who need a parental beat-down, we also have legitimate reports ranging from knife wielding menaces in rainbow wigs, to these fuckers chasing kids in the streets. And it’s everywhere. So much so that local police stations have issued warnings to Halloween enthusiasts this year to refrain from dressing up as a clown this year for safety purposes, as so many people seem to be on edge ready to attack to defend themselves with no questions asked. People have been seen on Twitter, gathering little armies in their vehicles going on “clown-hunts”, to shut down any “funny guys” walking the streets.

This is just too much guys.



One conspiracy surrounding these recent clown shenanigans circling the Interwebs among skeptics, is that this is all just an elaborate publicity stunt from the filmmakers of Stephen King’s IT remake due out in 2017. A studio spokesperson recently released a statement to THR, insisting that the production company nor anyone involved with the movie, have any part in the “Clown Chaos of 2016”.

“New Line is absolutely not involved in the rash of clown sightings.”


The idea that some people would assume, and I understand why they would, that New Line would be involved in such a phenomena that literally has so many people’s anxieties on the brink of a break-down, is really quite silly when you think about it. And it would be one hell of a lawsuit for the company at that. I tend to believe they wouldn’t risk such a monumental catastrophe of potential profits, nor people at risk for the sake of advertising a horror film.



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