Stephen King’s ‘IT: Chapter Two’ Tweet Alerts Fans

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Stephen King has a lot of adaptations on everyone’s radar, but IT: Chapter 2 is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated of next year. IT (2017) was a major box office success, and we’re waiting anxiously to see if the sequel will succeed where the original mini-series failed. The second half featuring the adult Losers Club infamously jumped the giant rubber spider with a cringe-worthy ending.

Things have been pretty quiet for a while regarding IT: Chapter Two. Footage was presented at Comic-Con in July, but it was kept under wraps from the public eye. However, a tweet from the man himself, Stephen King, suggests that may not be the case much longer.

King put fans on high alert with this simple message on social media:

There’s no word yet if he’s alluding to poster art, movie stills, a teaser trailer, or all of the above, but hopefully we’ll see Pennywise crawling back out of the sewers in the near future. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for any of IT: Chapter Two’s red balloons floating around the internet.

IT: Chapter Two is currently slated to release September 6, 2019.

In other big Stephen King news, his 2018 bestselling novel The Outsider has officially been picked up by HBO for a small screen TV series adaptation. And Doctor Sleep director Mike Flanagan reports filming has officially completed on the upcoming movie. 

If you want to know what other Stephen King adaptations we can’t wait to see, be sure to check out our list right here. We’ll be posting more IT: Chapter Two news as soon as we hear it, so stay tuned!

Are you looking forward to IT: Chapter Two? Let us know in the comments which upcoming Stephen King adaptation is at the top of your list!

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