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Stephen King’s ‘From a Buick 8’ is the Latest Novel to Hit the Big Screen

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The reign of Stephen King does not seem to be ending anytime soon! This year has been all about King, from the successful blockbuster IT to the upcoming King-inspired series Castle Rock. A new adaptation of King’s From a Buick 8 novel is on its way, queued up in the already increasingly endless list of reimaginations.

Deadline has reported that From a Buick 8 is King’s latest literary work heading for the film world. Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment optioned the bestselling novel. Amritraj will produce the film with Addison Mehr and Priya Amritraj tied on as executive producers.

William Brent Bell will join as director and create his vision of the story with his own script. Bell recently directed the oddly twisted The Boy,and hHis past work includes The Devil Inside and (my personal guilty pleasure) Stay Alive.

Published back in 2002, From a Buick 8 is King’s second novel to star a wickedly evil car. King’s 1983 novel, Christine, became a film adaptation that same year with John Carpenter as director.


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According to Variety, From a Buick 8 takes place in the rural town of Statler, Pennsylvania. Years after a member of the state police is killed by a drunk driver, his son, Ned, begins to visit the barracks where a mysterious 1954 Buick Roadmaster is kept.

Ned soon comes to find out that the Buick has a malevolent spirit that might be a portal to another world. Den of Geek stated that the supernatural tale is told in a “ghost story-style flashback narrative.”

Originally, horror icon and legendary director George A. Romero was tied to the film but was later handed over to director Tobe Hooper. Sadly, financial problems stalled the production indefinitely until now.

That is, until IT  was released and the industry revitalized the cash crop behind King’s library. Hollywood realized just how profitable the horror genre could be if done and executed properly.

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From a Buick 8 sounds interesting enough, though I will admit I am not too familiar with the book. With Bell behind the project, all we can do is hold our breaths, wait, and see the finished product.

Are you excited for this latest Stephen King Adaptation? Tired of the King wave? Had you heard about or read the novel? Let us know in the comments below.

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