In 2009, horror master Stephen King published one of his longest novels to date, Under the Dome. The book sees the small Maine town of Chester’s Mill suddenly surrounded by a giant dome that serves to separate the populace from the outside world.

As happens with much of King’s work, Under the Dome was adapted for the screen, in this case as a CBS TV series that ran for three seasons from 2013-2015. Season one was fairly well-received, but things kind of went sideways from season two on.

Before long, CBS’ Under the Dome had ceased resembling its source material, and in the view of many fans, had failed to do most of the major characters justice. Now, it seems King would like to see his book adapted again, this time by Netflix.

While it’s not unusual for King to weigh in on adaptations of his work, this stance is a bit strange, as he was credited on the CBS Under the Dome as an executive producer, wrote an episode, and even made a quick guest appearance during season two.

The odd factor of King turning on a show he participated in aside, it’s likely most fans of Under the Dome would be all for Netflix, or another outlet taking another shot at crafting an adaptation. With King’s amount of influence in Hollywood, maybe it’ll happen.

Under the Dome TV Series Cast