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Ever since the announcement that Stephen King’s IT was getting an epic two-part theatrical release last year, fans seem to be divided on the subject at hand. Most of the apprehensive criticism seems to stem from the argument as to whether actor Bill Skarsgard can step into the very large clown shoes that Tim Curry made legendary in the 1990 TV miniseries. However, news is coming in that Stephen King himself saw an early screening of the movie slated for release this September, and he doesn’t want you fans to worry.


King’s longtime assistant Marsha DeFilippo took to the author’s official message boards last Thursday to pass along the statement to fans that Mr. King had indeed seen IT 2017, and that it is absolutely wonderful.

“Steve asked me to pass along that he saw a screening of IT today and wanted to let everybody know that they should stop worrying about it as the producers have done a wonderful job with the production.”


This is fantastic news!

stephen king IT

The film is currently in post-production status, and sources say the second IT film is scheduled to start filming this month; giving us the impression that part two will head to theaters next year. The film is directed by Mama‘s Andrés Muschietti and penned script by Chase Palmer, and Annabelle writer Gary Dauberman. The film hits theaters September 8, 2017.

The trailer for IT, we’ve heard through the grapevine, is set to hit the Internet sometime this month. And we’ll be sure to let you know the moment it happens! In the meantime, check out this new screenshot made available by IT 2017 on Twitter of Henry Bowers torturing a young Ben Hanscom!


  1. His charges, what he did and how he intimidated the actor are absolutely horrific. This is one of those strange occurrences where, you may like his or her work, but can’t stand them as a person. Not unlike Michael Jackson, whether or not you believe he did what was claimed there is no doubt that his music changed the world.
    Salva, however admitted his guilt and, in my opinion, was given a slap on the wrist. I do like the Jeepers Creepers movies, but admit to hating myself just a bit for it. One thing that I cannot stand, however, are the people, starts and other directors included, who say we need to get over it. He’s done his time, paid the price.
    Here is a bit of truth for those types, people like this, child molesters, do not change. They can’t. There is no fixing them. This is how they are wired and nothing we do, not prison, not therapy will change that.
    That’s like saying you can send a straight man or woman into therapy and expect the turn them gay, or send a gay man or woman to therapy and try to turn them straight. It does not work, It’s impossible..

    Again, I am torn. I would like to see a new movie but I don’t think I can support a child molester, no matter how much I love horror.

  2. Regarding the Quija board in kindergarten: bad thing to do with little kiddies. My 2 cents is stay away from the QB …..it is for REAL! Watch out.


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