Stephen King Releases New Short Story ‘Laurie’ for Free Online

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Much like ice cream, I love Stephen King, you love Stephen King, we all love Stephen King. Well, we should anyway, the man is a legend, and has written some of the greatest horror fiction in the history of the written word.

Unfortunately, the track record for adaptations of his work is a lot less stellar, giving fans the good (The Shining), the bad (Children of the Corn), and the ugly (The Mangler). Still, that doesn’t make reading King’s new stories any less a fulfilling experience.

King’s latest novel The Outsider hits shelves on May 22nd, because the man obviously never sleeps, and never stops typing for more than 30 seconds at a time. To promote the book, King has released a brand new short story called Laurie, for free online. Read it here.

King announced Laurie’s arrival via his Twitter a few days back, which can be seen below. He refers to the story as an “appetizer” for The Outsider, so one assumes the two tales are narratively connected in some way.

Gotta love King’s modesty, despite being one of the most successful authors ever. “If you want to read it,” lol, of course we do, it’s a free story by Stephen King! Anyway, heed the man’s words, and go get it while it’s hot.

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