The Talisman book cover

In 1984, Stephen King collaborated with author Peter Straub to concoct the dark fantasy novel The Talisman. The rather complex plot of The Talisman centers on young Jack Sawyer, who has recently moved with his mother to New England. When she falls ill, things appear hopeless, that is until Jack discovers the existence of a parallel world called The Territories, a land of magic, monsters, and mayhem. If Jack can complete a quest to recover a valuable prize in this otherworldly realm, he just might be able to save his mother’s life back home.

In 2001, King and Straub released a sequel to The Talisman, entitled Black House. The story followed a much older Jack, who grew up to become a Los Angeles homicide detective, and managed to repress the memories of his adventures along the way. Jack attempts to retire after a particularly tough murder investigation, only to find that the killer has somehow followed him to his new home. As you might imagine, these events are all connected to The Territories, and soon force Jack to confront his past if he wants to ensure humanity’s present.

Black House book cover

Fans have long wondered whether King and Straub would again venture back into the fantastical universe they created, and we now have confirmation that the project is a go. Per the Stephen King fansite Lilja’s Library, the horror master envisions the Jack Sawer series as a trilogy, and has already mapped out the framework for Talisman book three in his head. King outlined plans to write the book with Straub next year, plans which Straub has confirmed.

While a title or potential publication date for the third Talisman novel is still a long way off, just knowing the book is actually coming is sure to thrill fans of the King and Straub duo to no end. Few writers are capable of writing dark, often horrific fantasy tales like those two.