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It’s a new year, which naturally means that the big players in the TV industry are in the midst of the annual winter gathering of the Television Critics Association. New series are being hyped up, returning veterans are letting loose about what 2015 has in store for TV’s most popular characters, and network bigwigs are talking up their channel’s upcoming offerings.

Case in point, Starz head honcho Chris Albrecht recently used a TCA interview with IGN to reveal new details about the highly anticipated Sam Raimi-produced series Ash vs. Evil Dead. Here are some of the highlights.

Evil Dead - Ash Chainsaw

First off, Albrecht made it clear that Ash vs. Evil Dead’s episodes will not run for a full hour in length, and will instead be presented as a tightly-packed 30 minutes of weekly insanity. The reduced length is said to be the idea of producers Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Rob Tapert, with the plan seemingly being to focus more on the Evil Dead 2 style of comedic horror and less on the original Evil Dead’s genuine scares.

Albrecht also noted that Ash vs. Evil Dead will shoot entirely in New Zealand, a country best known as the home of Peter Jackson’s theatrical rendition of Middle Earth. Producer Rob Tapert lives in New Zealand, and Starz’ previous drama Spartacus filmed there, making the locale a natural fit. That said, the story will still take place entirely in America, necessitating the importation of American cars and signage.

Of course, the most pressing question from fans is probably “When will Ash vs. Evil Dead” premiere? Albrecht did not provide a firm timetable for the series’ debut, but said that the fourth quarter of 2015 seems to be the likeliest option.

Evil Dead