With the current feuding arena of virtual reality, I’m reminded of the early days of video games. I remember a time when Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo, Turbografx were all contending for top dog slot as the one console to rule them all.

Another VR headset named Project StarVR has entered the ring with Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and HTC Vive.

While most VR sets are only hinting at their game lineup, the StarVR headset is already working with Overkill/505 games to create a totally immersive zombie experience based in the Robert Kirkman world of “The Walking Dead.”

That is right guys! The probability of becoming an actual part of “The Walking Dead” is on its way. How great would it be to see a VR game that is totally built around survival as opposed to straight action? I like a little grim existentialism mixed in with my zombie experience.

The difference between StarVR and the other guys is going to be the a full 210 degree field of view. That doubles the field of view on the Oculus Rift.

The resolution is a beast as well at a mesmerizing 2560×1440 resolution. (according to a report by Forbes)

If everything that is being said is true and “The Walking Dead” game is a success in graphics as well as gameplay this could tip things in favor of StarVR. It is still early on and neither the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus has come out with and definitive gameplay or any titles worth noting so it is still anyone’s guess.

Can you imagine a fully immersive zombie experience? What direction would you want to see the game go? Would you like to swing Michonne’s katana blade at zombie heads as much as we would? Lets discuss in the comments.