Start A New Halloween Tradition With “Skeleton In The Closet”

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Written by Patti Pauley

Screw you Elf On The Shelf! Make way for the king of holidays, and start a new Halloween tradition with your little Halloweenies with Skeleton In The Closet! If your family is Halloween enthusiasts (and chances are if you’re reading this in the first place), then this is a must-have for your spooky household, and a beautiful way to begin engaging in the spirit of Samhain and the Halloween mindset.



The Skeleton In The Closet- A Halloween Tradition is the brain child of Chad and Jilaine Shea, who originally formulated the idea of an “Elf On The Shelf” specifically for Halloween, being that holiday is theirs’ and their child’s favorite to celebrate. Jilaine Shea to iHorror, “Our daughter got an “Elf on the shelf” and she loved it, but Halloween is her favorite holiday.  So Chad joked, “Why don’t we make ’The Skeleton in the Closet’ and that was it. Chad wrote the story within two hours and then we asked my sister Danielle (Beu) to illustrate it.  We didn’t want any digital graphics. It was important that it looked like children’s books from our youth.

And it really does. The gorgeous look, and retro feel of the illustrations by Beu ring all my nostalgic bells and scream out an 80s Halloween; which is why adults are probably going to love this just as much as the kids.

Chad Shea states, “Beyond the fun of the trick-or-treat holiday, the book itself is a charming story which reminds us that we don’t need to reinvent Halloween. We want to embrace the basics of family activity and create new memories that our children will cherish for a lifetime.”

The clever and fun story that comes with a 19 inch fully poseable skeleton buddy (or you can upgrade to a 36 inch skeleton on the book’s official website), works essentially the same way as the Christmas elf for those familiar with the December tradition. You name your skeleton, and the shenanigans begin on October 1st, all the way through Halloween night when the skeleton will return back to their “graveyard” from which it came. The skeleton will offer your little monsters either tricks or treats while visions of ghouls and candy apples dance in their heads in their sleep. The official Skeleton In The Closet website also offers a variety of fun printable activities and games you can play with your bony friend!

You can get your very own set by clicking the link to their official website embedded in this article, or buy heading over to Amazon by clicking here! The book’s official Facebook page is also hosting a giveaway this Sunday, October 9th by offering a doll and book set to one lucky subscriber! So head on over to their page and keep up to date on this Halloween tradition that is sure to become a classic staple in your horror-loving home!


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