Six Stars in Horror Movies Before They Were Famous

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Most actors and actresses have tons of credits to their names. Some of them get famous right out of the gate, while others work for years or even decades before they hit that role that makes them a household name. Early roles may be bit parts, favors to producers, or just roles to fill time and bellies while they wait to make it big. So, without further ado, here’s six stars in Horror movies before they were famous.


1. Mila Kunis

At just twelve years old, Mila Kunis landed a major role in the 1995 remake of Piranha, playing Suzie Grogan. In the movie, Suzie’s dad, Paul Grogan and a private investigator Maggie McKeowen accidentally release a hoard of specially bred Piranhas into the local water system. The fish eat their way through everyone and everything as they swim downriver, eventually reaching the summer camp where Suzie is staying.

You probably recognize Mila now after playing Jackie Burkhart on “That 70’s Show”, voicing Meg Griffin on “Family Guy”, or as Lily in the award-winning Black Swan.


2. Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon has a long history with Horror movies, but, like all things, they take experience before you learn to survive. His earliest Horror role was Jack in the original Friday the 13th movie in 1980. The movie revolves around Camp Crystal Lake, and the murders that take place there one summer after the counselors let a bullied boy drown. The boy’s mother takes revenge on the counselors and the assistants who didn’t do their jobs and ensure her son was safe. Jack doesn’t last long, dying from having an arrow pierce his throat after being shoved up through the mattress he was relaxing on.

He learned his lesson though, and went on to star in such Horror movies as Tremors, Sleepers, and Stir of Echoes. You also probably know him from movies like Footloose, Apollo 13, and more recently, X-Men: First Class.


3. Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton had a few television spots, but one of her first real movies roles was that of Vicky in 1984’s Children of the Corn. Vicky and her boyfriend are driving across the country to his new internship when they get dragged into a town where all the children have gone insane, worshiping a being known as “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” and murdering all the adults in their small town of Gatlin. With a little help from a couple sane kids, and the distraction of a coup led by an older boy, Vicky and her boyfriend Peter manage to escape after setting the field alight and returning some sanity to the kids.

Since then, Linda’s become a household name mostly thanks to her role as Sarah Conner in The Terminator series of movies. She also starred in the late 1980’s series “Beauty and the Beast”, and the disaster movie Dante’s Peak. Most recently, you could see her as Pilar in the series “Defiance”.

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