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Star-Studded ‘Dreamkatcher’ Trailer Gives Killer Kids a New Home

by Timothy Rawles
Dreamkatcher, set for VOD release in the US on April 28th.

Isolated houses in the woods are good for social distancing, but probably better for ancient evils that wish to possess small children as is what seems to be the case in Dreamkatcher.

Directed by Kerry Harris and starring Radha Mitchell from Silent Hill, this creeper serves up some interesting atmospheric pressure.

Our favorite Godmother of Horror Lin Shaye also adds her talents to the cast which is always a good thing. And recent horror movie empath Henry Thomas serves up some scares as a distraught father.

Lately, horror fans have had no choice but to turn to VOD to watch the newest in genre releases so lucky for us this one hits the digital market on April 28.


In this terrifying horror-thriller, Gail (Radha Mitchell, Silent Hill) is forced to come to terms with Josh, her new stepson, at a remote country home. After stealing an evil talisman from a mysterious neighbor, Josh has sinister dreams of his dead mother—who commands Josh to murder Gail. When Josh’s dad (Henry Thomas, “The Haunting of Hill House”) returns, he and Gail suspect that their son has been possessed by an ancient, bloodthirsty spirit. Is it too late to save Josh’s life—or their own?

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