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It hasn’t been a good couple of months for horror television, with one program after the other getting the ax. The latest victim is the cult-favorite IFC series Stan Against Evil.

Series creator Dana Gould announced the folllwing on his own podcast The Dana Gould Hour:

”Stan Against Evil, I am sad to report, will not be returning for a fourth season. It had a great run of three seasons. It’s not coming back. Will it show up in some other form on some other network someday? Maybe. But right now, as we like to say, it’s dead as Kelsey’s nuts.”

It’s nice that Gould is staying optimistic towards the future of the show being resurrected on another network – eventually. We’ve seen it happen before, proving it isn’t a completely unobtainable goal. Still, this is sad news for any fan of the show.

The unfortunate aspect of shows with cult followings is simply that – it’s a very niche market that isn’t beloved by the masses. The small group that does in most cases is devout, but the numbers just don’t add up to making an extremely profitable show for a network. And in this business, we all know that the dollar is everything.

Gould acknowledges this. He added:

“This isn’t the official format for my thank you, but I thought everybody did a great job. The show’s on Hulu, you can enjoy it. It ain’t comin’ back anytime soon, but that is, as they say, showbiz.”

It was a very good run.